Say Bye-Bye to Pet Stains

These approaches and elements will take care of removing bad smells caused by your pets’ accidents, and it will also help with removing awful carpet stains. This is how you are going to accomplish these tasks.

  • We are going to start by cleaning the mess. If it is poop, grab paper towel and get of it, if the mess is pee- just put a few paper towels over it and allow it to suck up the wetness without spreading. Spot and blot while waiting for the carpet to dry and carpet stain should be removed.
  • If a stain is already dry the first step to remove it is to get it wet. Find a good product that in your local grocery store for pet stain removal. Old stains can disappear throughout time, and in the event that you want to find these old stains buy a UV light pen. Use this pen to point out where the old stains are at. Make sure the lights are off and place something on top so you can remember where the stain is at.
  • Now to get rid of the smell there are going to be some steps we need to  take.  Do not use any products that contain ammonia to clean dog urine. Dog urine contains ammonia so if these products are used then it will attract your pet to pee on that same spot again. This recipe is proven to work so we are giving it out to you! 1/2 white vinegar and ½ warm water.  Make sure to spray it a few times and  let it sit there for a few minutes. Then just put pressure off and on with the rug or paper towel on the stain.  Once the area has dried up more just put a table spoon of  baking soda.

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