Water Damage Repair

The Fastest Response Team in Metro Atlanta

Flooding caused by broken pipes, water heaters, and backed up sewage lines are a very serious situation. The water must be removed as fast as 24-48 hours before the threat of mold becomes a reality, and trust is the longer our clients wait to call us the worst is going to get. Top Carpet Cleaners has a less than one hour response time and can begin extracting the water immediately. Our technology allows us to remove water in a very efficient way. When dealing with water, time is everything. Do not wait to call us because time is ticking.
(678) 944-9004

During our heavy rains, often leaky roofs will cause all the water to stream to one area of your home. This causes your painted ceiling or wall to leak and warp soon after. Top Carpet Cleaners trained technicians have the equipment and experience to clean up and dry any affected interior or exterior wall, ceilings, or floors. Before the damage is set in.

What is our process you ask ?

Top Carpet Cleaners representative takes vital damage information and dispatches restoration team
Team arrives promptly and assess damage
A Formal Quote is provided to owner and insurance carrier
Water extraction and restoration repairs are started immediately
Top Carpet Cleaners works with the owner and the insurance carrier throughout the entire process
Bring your home or office back to its original condition
All work is backed by our tremendous work ethic

We really suggest that you do not wait to call us. We are here to help any family or business owner in the Metro Atlanta area. Water is not a joke and to get the best results we need to act fast. This is why we are the best company for any resident in the Metro Atlanta to call for any carpet cleaner need.

(678) 944-9004

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